About Us Above All Else, The Customer's Way Is The Riteway

Who We Are

Riteway Maintenance & Supply company takes the hassel out of keeping your building clean.

Riteway Maintenance & Supply is one of the oldest building maintenance companies in Kansas City, we’ve been around over 25 years. We maintain our own facility and warehouse. We provide all insurance liability and training. Most importantly, we have REAL human beings answering our phones, to help you with your needs.

Our Philosophy

Riteway’s Philosophy is the client is always Rite. We are versatile working 24 hours a day. We try and maintain the highest quality staff and equipment. Additionally, Riteway tries to maintain a partnership with it’s clients to better understand client needs and to improve the cleaning experience.

What's In A Name?

Riteway means that we try and perform all our functions the proper way, the first time, when maintaining your floors, building security system, windows and all the other important details that come with maintaining a working building.